Chamber Ensemble

Two Dances on Joan Miró (2021)

(sax, trb, perc, cb), 4′

Totentanz (2021)

Text by Nathanael Schlott

(bar+ob/eng hn, cl/bass cl, bsn), 8′

Commissioned by Possehl Stiftung, Lübeck

dream|breathe (2020)

(cl, fl, pno, vc), 8’

2nd Prize at the Over the Rainbow composition competition, Vienna

One-Two-Three…GO! (2020)

(perc, perc, perc), 5’

Finalist at the 2021 Toolbox Percussion competition in Hong Kong

Fluctuations (2018)

(sop. sax/alto sax, sop sax/ten sax, perc, perc) 8’

Quintet In Five Scenes (2018)

(fl, cl, vn, vl, vc), 9’

Main Prize at the 1rst Penderecki competition for young composers, Kraków

Prosopion (2017)

(sop sax, acc, pno, vc, trb or ob, acc, pno, vc, tenor sax), 8’

1rst Prize at the Weimar Spring Days for Contemporary Music 

Rhapsodie (2016)

(cl, vn, vl, vc, hrp), 9’

Distance (2016)

(fl, cl, vib, vn, vl, vc), 10’ 

Anormon (2015)

(vn, vc, pno), 11’

Second Prize at “Giorgos Sisilianos” composition competition (1rst prize not given), Athens

Mneia II (2015)

string quartet, 5’

Commissioned by Thessaloniki Piano Festival

String Quartet no. 1 (2015)

string quartet, 9’

Piano Quintet (2015)

(cl, vn, vl, vc, pno), 8’

Wind Quintet No. 1 (2014)

(fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn), 8’

Finalist to the 6th International Antonin Dvorak composition competition, Prague

Aether (2013)

(fl, vc, pno), 10’

Premier: Thessaloniki 27-05-2014

Large Ensemble

Fragments Of The House Of Commons (2020)

(ob, ob, hn, hn, vn, vl, vc, cb), 8’

Yearning’s Lofty Urge (2018)

(fl, ob, cl, hn, trp, trb, pno, perc, vn, vl, vc, cb), 9’

Reverie (2016)

(fl, ob, bass cl, hn, trp, perc, vn, vn, vl, vc), 8’

Semifinalist at the Ravel composition competition, Bergamo

Conversation with J. Suk (2015)

(fl, ob, cl, bsn, vn, vn, vl, vc), 6’ 

First Prize (Junior) at the International Antonin Dvorak composition competition, Prague

Prague Canon (2015)

string orchestra, 5’

First Prize (Junior) International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition, Prague

Music Theatre

The Fall of the House of Commons (2019-2022)

Chamber Opera, libretto by Alekos Lountzis and Orfeas Apergis

(sopr, mezzo, bar, narrator + trp, alto sax/cl, trb, keyb, perc, cb, multimedia), 80′

hier im stillen bin ich dein

26 & 28/11/2021

Theaterakademie Hamburg

Text, direction: Lucia Wunsch | Dramaturgy: Johannes Schürmann | Music: Orestis Papaioannou

Sketches Of The House Of Commons (2021)

Libretto by Alekos Lountzis and Orfeas Apergis

(sopr, sopr, bar, narrator + trp, alto sax/cl, trb, keyb, perc, cb, multimedia), 40′

Premium Prize at the 2nd Possehl competition for new performative concepts

A Change Of Guard (2021)

Text by Alekos Lountzis and Orfeas Apergis

(bar+pno), 6’


Un Hommage (2018/19)

grand orchestra, 9’

Commissioned by the Athens State Orchestra

Aisa (2017)

orchestra, 7′

Brahms Festival Prize 2018

Metamorphoses (2017)

grand orchestra, 9′

Apophonesis (2016)

orchestra, 8′

Commissioned by the Athens State Orchestra

Solo / Duo

cork on the ocean (2023)

two percussionists and tape, 11′

Commissioned by Toolbox Percussion (Hong Kong)

Collage (2019)

cello, 7’

Dedicated to Anouchka Hack

Published by Musikverlag Hauke Hack

D’un Trait De Plume (2019)

violin solo, 6’

Variations (2019)

piano solo, 6’

Mnemography (2018)

bass clarinet solo, 7’

Dedicated to Horia Dumitrache

Rhythmology (2018)

piano solo, 6’

Finalist at the TONALi 2019 composition competition

As One (2017)

(pic fl/fl/perc, alto fl/fl), 6’

Mirrorings (2017)

piano, 5′

Nocturne (2016)

piano, 6′

Three Allusions (2013)

(vn+pno), 8’

Mneia (2012)

flute, 8′

Premier: Anatolia College Thessaloniki 10-07-2015

Vocal / Choral

Urban Songs (2022)

Texts by Ferando Pessoa

Commissioned by Dog Trio

(sop, pn, electr) 10′

noland (2022)

Text by Kiriakos Haritos

female choir, 5′

Commissioned by Voci Contra Tempo and the Project Πatriδa

Two Songs For Thyrza (2020)

Text by Lord Byron

(bar+fl, cl, pno, perc, vn, vl, vc), 20’

Commissioned  by the Greek National Opera

Sacred Lullaby (2016)

Text by Ilias Kefalas

(mezzo sop+pn), 4’

Eulogy (2013)

Text by Orestis Papaioannou

mixed choir, 4′

Special prize from the Hellenic Choirs Association (2015)

Hymn (2013)

Text by Dionysios Solomos

children choir, 5′